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Roof Condensation Repair

Roof Condensation Repair

Knowing When Commercial Real Estate Is A Sound Investment

A knowledgeable investor often knows the problematic signs to look for when purchasing commercial real estate, warehouse facilities, or industrial complexes in Los Angeles. There is a lot of new interest in the real estate investment business these days; the lower prices that are obtainable in the current market make it a wonderful time to purchase these properties. An amateur investor trying to gain value in a fragile economy may overlook the signs that more experienced eyes know to stay away from. The return on investment is minimal on a property in which deterioration is later discovered. Often the most recurrent issues a commercial property may be disguising are related to the inner corrosion of the roofing system as an outcome of roof condensation.

Early detection and repair is the most effective way to stop roof condensation damage in Los Angeles properties. Roof condensation often occurs in concrete tilt-ups with panel roof systems. Moisture can develop at the roof ceiling section and be trapped there by foil insulation or other types of radiant barriers. Untreated, this moisture will gradually damage the integrity of the whole building. Often a property owner will fail to recognize that timely corrections can be the difference between a mild and a major dilemma.

Condensation in a roof is a similar to a tooth cavity. Weakening occurs over the course of several years and can gradually demolish the whole roofing system of a property one component at a time. If not yet visibly noticeable, roof condensation damage is often discovered while commercial properties are undergoing an earthquake retrofit. Once the foil sheet is removed, years of avoidable damage can be revealed.

Roofing structures will contain a vapor retardant most of the time. This retardant is a foil radiant blockade; R-11-faced fiberglass batting attached to the sub-purlins or encasing the purlin beams at the bottom of the roof formation. A common cause of destructive roof condensation is a building utilizing batting insulation wrapped with foil insulation.

Discovering roof condensation in Los Angeles properties happens in a variety of ways.  A building that has an attached or wrapped foil barrier may have visible dark streaks on the purlin hangers. Typically, rust will weaken the strength of the purlins and destroy the roof’s structural support. In addition to being a financial hazard, this will increase the probability of considerable damage in the event of an earthquake.

Los Angeles buildings heat up during the day and as roofing materials absorb the sun’s heat, a cavity of hot air is created within the insulation and the roof. With temperatures reaching 50-70 degrees beyond that of the rest of the building, warm air will increase the process of ambient water molecules evaporating, drawing humidity into the air cavity. The insulation does not allow the region between the foil and roof to vent and dry out. As the structure cools down, the cavity cools as well, and condensation seeps into the wood. The structure will continue to cycle through this progression on a daily basis until it’s amended.

In order to repair this condition on your Los Angeles property, you must start by permitting the structure to dry. The first step is to peel back the foil barrier and cut the vents where they are joined with the purlin. The implementation of a few additional choices (re-nailing the roof, GLB connections, or wood ledgers and hurricane clips) may be effective in resolving issues contingent upon the extent of damage revealed from a detailed assessment. The most important factor is the state of the roof nails. Caution is of the highest importance as this is something commonly missed by insulation, HVAC, roofing, and various other contractors.

Earthquake retrofits often provide structures in Los Angeles with more resistance to earthquake activity. This process usually includes strengthening weak connections found in roof to wall connections, continuity ties, shear walls, and the roof diaphragm in commercial property structures. A lot of extensive issues with roof condensation are often found during the earthquake retrofitting process for this reason. Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit Los Angeles provides comprehensive inspections of commercial properties based on many years of preventative maintenance and roof condensation repair solutions, protecting of your investment as well as the occupants, machinery, and inventory inside.

Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit Los Angeles offers an easy way for clients to calculate their return on investment by providing before-and-after retrofitting values for insurance quotes. For a full understanding of all possible roof condensation concerns and to prevent return on investment loss in warehouses, industrial, and commercial buildings, call Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit Los Angeles today for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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