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Retrofit Your Building to Avoid Potential Earthquake Damage

Retrofit Your Building to Avoid Potential Earthquake Damage

No One Can Predict When a Devastating Earthquake Will Strike
Can Your Commercial Property Withstand the Impact of the Next “Big One”?

It is common knowledge that seismic disturbances have increased in California, not to mention around the world.  While it is not difficult to believe that the next big quake won’t happen nearby, the fact is no one can predict when or where the next big earthquake will actually strike.  Even along major fault lines and in areas that frequently experience tremors, seismic activity is often surprising and unsettling.

While many commercial building owners choose not to carry earthquake insurance for their properties, many are unable to get adequate earthquake insurance due to the condition of the property.  The buildings just do not meet insurance company standards for safety and security.  In the last few years, many areas around the globe have experienced powerful earthquakes that have caused incredible damage.  All it will take is the same incredibly strong seismic activity here in Los Angeles to possibly experience the unimaginable devastation that we have seen in the news.

Earthquake retrofitting a building in Los Angeles is one of the best ways to strengthen the structural integrity of a property before disaster strikes.  When it comes to responsible safety preparations, it is wise to begin them as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the perfect time.  Most building owners and property managers, however, would prefer to choose the optimal time to undergo a major structural overhaul.  They would prefer to wait until the building is vacant to complete a major renovation or building improvement project, when in reality the best solution is to get it started now.  Sooner than later is the best option when considering an earthquake retrofit process for any commercial property.  If you select a professional company that is knowledgeable and experienced with working in occupied buildings, you can protect your property from costly potential damages.  No one knows when the “Big One” will hit.

A new roof is typically needed only once every 10-20 years.  If it is time for a new roof on your commercial building, or if the roof needs considerable repair work done, it would be wise to take the opportunity to undergo a complete earthquake retrofitting process.  Because access to complete the retrofit work is accomplished above the roof deck, combining these two building improvement projects can provide a considerable cost savings.  It’s common for commercial building owners to schedule this type of this work in the summer.  The longer days, additional sunlight, and less chance of rainfall make summertime the most popular time chosen to schedule large building improvement and maintenance projects.

When you incorporate a roof replacement with an earthquake retrofit, you will need a team of experienced contractors who can work together effectively and efficiently.  Without productive communication and complete coordination, the roof could be open and unprotected from inclement weather much longer than necessary.  Hiring an experienced contractor who specializes in earthquake retrofitting is a critical component of building the team needed to complete this combined project.

Avoid the temptation to just hire a general contractor if you choose to combine a roofing project with an earthquake retrofitting of your building.  Unlike retrofitting specialists, most general contractors do not have extensive retrofitting experience and may overstate their abilities.  In addition, a general contractor may subcontract out the work to others with less knowledge and experience.  In the long run, a general contractor “middle man” may increase your overall costs.

Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit can provide a thorough examination of your building.  As a commercial property owner, you have a responsibility to ensure the security and safety of your building, including the machinery, inventory, and most importantly the occupants.  After completing a comprehensive building inspection, Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit Los Angeles will provide a retrofit insurance quote based on present and after-retrofitting values.  You will have all the information needed to calculate your ROI.  If you have questions about earthquake retrofitting or want to know more about the best time to protect your commercial property in Los Angeles from earthquakes, call Saunders Commercial Earthquake Retrofit Los Angeles today…

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