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Retrofit Before an Earthquake

Retrofit Before an Earthquake

Overlooking building maintenance in earthquake zones is hazardous.

Los Angeles has been awaiting the next major earthquake for over sixty years. Seismologists suggest that it’s likely that a record earthquake will happen within the next three decades, a truth that nobody is likely to be calm about when looking at the pictures of Haiti and Japan’s wreckage. Slight tremors provide a reminder on a nearly daily basis. While programs and drills are taught to children, all residents have grown accustomed to the fact that such an incident will leave little unaffected. The inherent accountability to plan ahead permeates the core of their lifestyles.

Regarding the financial accountability to safeguard commercial property from the devastation of an earthquake, the line can be unclear. There is a contrast between what the State mandates of property owners and what ethically needs to be done despite laws. In the current economy, everybody is cautiously watching their bottom line; elective maintenance is often one of the first things to be delayed. However, by attending to the weaknesses of a building before the occurrence of an earthquake can avert extreme wreckage, injury, and death. Owners of commercial property should think about how retrofitting prior to an earthquake is a lot more cost-effective compared to the expensive damage incurred from destroyed property and liability.

Consider the following when earthquake retrofitting a commercial building in Los Angeles:

Who should be hired for an earthquake retrofit?

Fixing the weak points of a building prior to an earthquake because contractors are more apt to have availability. As demand increases after an earthquake, the cost of an earthquake retrofit contractor rises significantly. It is crucial to employ an earthquake retrofit contractor that is both knowledgeable and experienced with occupied property spaces. A business handling a variety of services under one roof is also favored over a general contractor that is likely to subcontract out large segments of the necessary labor.

When is it time for an earthquake retrofit?

The sooner the better when it comes to earthquake retrofitting commercial property. With a major earthquake striking sometime in the next thirty years, many companies elect to perform sizeable improvements during the summer months when weather is temperate, precipitation is low, and days are long. It’s not a prerequisite of the state to earthquake retrofit properties prior to a sale or purchase, though considerate owners who are advertising a building they know has earthquake weaknesses should be forthcoming during a real estate transaction. It may also appeal to sellers to think about how an enhanced property makes a more attractive purchase.

What repairs should be made during an earthquake retrofit?

A complete examination will discover likely weaknesses in the roof, walls, foundation, and non-structural elements of a structure. The subsequent comprehensive task list and bid will assist owners in prioritizing the enhancements that are necessary. Walls, floors, and beams that are improperly anchored, unreinforced masonry, and roof structures are all common places that should be foremost on the list. Non-structural items such as equipment, water heaters, and supply lines should all be in marked zones and well secured.

An earthquake retrofit can lower insurance premiums for earthquake policies.

Property owners have a duty to uphold the safety of their commercial structures, including the occupants, equipment, and inventory involved. The government has researched and offered educational material, but it doesn’t obligate owners to go beyond basic codes. Saunders Seismic Commercial Earthquake Retrofit provides property owners an insurance quote based on present and after-retrofitting values so clients can immediately calculate their investment return. The core of the matter is that it’s a lot more inexpensive and safe to earthquake retrofit a structure prior to an earthquake than to fix costly damages afterward. For more information on scheduling an inspection or speaking with a Los Angeles earthquake retrofit contractor, visit Saunders Seismic Commercial Earthquake Retrofit or call us at 949-646-0034.

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